Generate client proposals in just 5 minutes.


So how does Quickprop help you?

All of Your Slides in the One Place

Stop asking around the office for a copy of past proposals. With QuickProp, your team will build a library of slides you can pick and choose from.

Focus on Winning the Opportunity

Your team shouldn't be focused on finding, compiling and formatting slides. With QuickProp, they can focus on making your proposal stand out.

Motivate Your Team

Nothing crushes team morale faster than spending countless hours putting together proposals.
Free your people up to focus on high value work.

Save More, Win More

By sharing knowledge, speeding up the proposal development process and focusing on differentiation, you will save countless hours of time, and money.
You will also bid more and win more!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What about privacy?

Quickprop data is secured AWS EC2.
However, if you would prefer to have QuickProp installed on your company servers, get in touch.

Can I use this for other types of documents?

Yes. You can use QuickProp to build agreements, contracts and other repeatable processes.

I still have questions…